Infants 1-15 Months

 In our infant program, interactions with your child are the most important aspect of the program.  With low teacher to child ratios, your child’s teacher is able to hold them, talk to them, read to them and bond with them throughout the day.We realize the importance of working hand in hand with you to support your child’s growth and development. Hand written notes will be provided daily in order to give parents a snapshot of what has been going on during their child’s day. Some of the information you will receive includes feedings, diapering, naps, projects and outside time as well as what areas of development your child has been working on. Knowing how difficult it can be on parents leaving their young children in the care of others, we offer an open-door policy. Parents can feel free to call throughout the day to check on their child and parents are always welcome to stop by throughout the day for a visit.
Because of the individual needs of young children, the daily schedule varies to meet the needs of each child. A typical day in an infant room would include the basics such as feeding, diapering and napping as well as tummy time, floor play, music and movement and lots of one-on-one attention. Walks and outside time are incorporated into your child’s daily schedule as well.   


Toddlers 15 Months-2 Years 9 Months

In our toddler program, we believe in providing a nurturing environment so that your child feels safe, secure and comfortable. Toddlers are so full of energy and they are always looking to learn new things.  Our curriculum is designed to support and reinforce natural curiosity and independence that toddlers exhibit by providing them with hands on, fun and interesting activities.
The teachers in this program encourage social, physical, language and cognitive development through reading, art, music, dance and play.  We will also assist children with learning to share, taking turns, cooperating, expanding language and vocabulary, as well as with self-help skill such as potty training.  


Preschool 2 Years 9 Months-4 Years

Our preschool program offers a developmentally appropriate educational curriculum for both full and half-day children. This program allows teachers to plan an enriching learning experience for children.  This is often a child’s first school experience so we want it to be a wonderful, positive, fulfilling experience that will help develop a love of learning. This program has an emphasis on teaching social skills such as listening, sharing, cooperation and communication but we are also able to incorporate many aspects of learning into the daily schedule. Activities that teach not only math skills, language arts and science are included in the daily learning experience of our preschool children but we also make sure to provide activities to enrich your child’s problem solving skills, self-esteem and understanding of healthy living. The daily schedule of a preschool-age child would include:

  • Free play at the learning centers (learning centers that are offered daily include; block area, science table, texture table, math center, library, dramatic play, writing center, creative art, and  something special)
  • Circle time including calendar, weather, jobs, introduction of theme or letter of the week
  • Two snacks & lunch
  • Outdoor time: the children will have outdoor time once in the morning and once in the afternoon.
  • Learning centers, small-group activities and teacher directed activities
  • Large-group circle time activities- with language art experiences such as books, music and movement, finger plays, flannel stories etc.
  • Rest time is required daily for children in the preschool age range. Each child will be provided with his/her own mat. For those children who do not sleep during the day, a book or quiet activity will be provided.  


Pre-K 4-5 Years

This is a preschool program and we offer all of the same curriculum experiences as our preschool program (see above). However, in this classroom it is the year before kindergarten so we put an emphasis on exposing your child to even more reading readiness skills such as phonological awareness, print awareness and oral language experiences.  Planned lessons and units also include more complex activities in the areas of math, science, and social studies than in the preschool program.  


School-Age 5-10 Years

At Leicester Early Learning, we understand the demands of hard working parents and take pride in offering flexible schedules for school age children. We offer both before and after school care as well as care for days the public school is closed, including summer time, school vacation days, snow days, early release and delays.  Parents are able to drop children off as early as 6:45 am and we are open until 5:30 pm.  The school bus will drop off and/or pick up your child right out our front door to transport them to school.We realize that the children have been in school all day so they are offered a variety of activities to choose from.  Some of these activities are homework help, snack, outdoor play, indoor free play at the centers, table games, art, cooking etc.Best of all we will allow for part-time and families to choose the days and times when care is needed and only pay for what they need.